Celebrating 95th birthday of childhood piano teacher Helping dads celebrate Father's Day (L. Jim Muskrat, R. Quentin  Woods)
Bruce and Nancy provide Christmas music on 2 pianos for the Pro-Meta Christmas dinner Brunch with Bible study group
Christmas in our home Singing Christmas music at Villa Mitre Baptist Church

Christmas concert for evangelistic outreach event at Villa Mitre Baptist Church

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bulletA "must" for every photo album are pictures of the children, our MKs:

Danny & Sara celebrate four years of marriage

Andy & girlfriend, Heather, are both piano majors at Baylor

Amy & boyfriend, Danny, both work for community services

Danny & Sara   Andy & Heather Amy & Danny Ray
Andy practices for recitals
Danny receives MBA at Baylor University in Dec. 2004 Nancy & daughter-in-law, Sara, enjoy a chat


bulletBruce and Nancy present a two-piano recital in the Barrio Norte Church

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bulletThere are also more photos on Amy's Page.

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